Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am so happy to have so many guests and big travellers writing to me to request tours and get to know Rio and other places through my eyes...And I see Rio and my country as a maginifcent, unique, local and simple destination...As you know I focus a lot on off the beaten path places and I am always paying attention about locations where you can have such a spectacular time!!!

In my trip to the north of São Paulo State and south of Rio de Janeiro State where I usually have my tours because all the cruise line ships docks at Rio, Ilha Grande, Paraty and finally Santos, and I organize tours in each destination....

That is why, it takes me a while to reply my emails, because I am always touring, I am always driving everywhere and as any normal human being, I have to find some time to rest...Just like I did for hours sleeping in a GAS STATION in the very countryside of São Paulo state returning to Rio and follow my busy agenda with my guests who are always coming!!!

And I am working alot, and I have some other great guides like Marcone, Diana and Cedric working with me! So we are assisting more and more people AND I WANT MORE PEOPLE TO COME!!!

Let's see Rio and the surroundings just visiting lots of very local places!!! WE ALWAYS SHOW PLACES AWAY FROM THE TURISM INDUSTRY!!! We see TOURISM in Brazil as something among friends!!!

And thanks to that, I will be able to talk about places like this wonderful corner between Rio and São Paulo State called UBATUBA....The pictures were taken in a wild location called PRAIA DA FAZENDA

I will talk more about it in my next post!!!!



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