Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My ANGEL FAMILY was also protected by the HOLY GHOST...hahahahaha : )))))) of course that no one will be willing to go to the Christ and see just clouds, but you know, it can be really fun...but people like us, we always know how to make our time always a fantastic one!!!! So there we went...we went to to Christ, not crowded of course...but we laughed like crazy!!!
God is always present in our lives, and literally you can feel it when you come to Rio!!!
Actually going there by car is the best option, cheaper than going there by train and more interesting because you also have the opportunity to see part of Tijuca Forest. The Christ is also part of our National Park.
Thank you very much for so much confidence and friendship and be sure that here in Rio de Janeiro, you all have a friend. I will be always waiting for you everytime you want to have fun and experience the secrets of Rio....
And regarding secrets and surprises of your trip to Rio I am an expert,
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Guide

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