Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Marcone and I working together in our wild spot Marapendi
Always showing what Rio has best...adventure

This is a guide and a friend with a lot of charisma: Marcone

We have not find their mother yet....

This is the scenery you see...A different side of Rio de Janeiro

I think this is indeed one of the highlights of my tours and I have a special fond for this place...I am not sure because I have never been there but I always says that this is a very small version of the Florida's everglades, but the coolest things is that we are in Rio de Janeiro.
Marapendi is a complex of various lagoons in the west side of Rio, it has about 7 islands, some islands people live, other islands are protected reserve areas and one island is a big country club where people can have a lot of pleasant activities such as practicing sports and simply to have a good time with friends and family.
For the moment and I hope it takes a long time, Marapendi is not even writen in any travel book, so it is a very local and down to earth place. The pace of life is slow and calm and you will be thinking that it is hard to believe that in a city which has the World's famous Copacabana you can find this little peace of paradise that Marapendi shows you all the time you go there!
That day marks some very often co-work between Marcone and I which makes me very honored. I was the one who met Marcone way up north where I do my tours in the Amazon, in a very fantastic State called Maranhão, and since that time I always told him...You'd e a perfect tour guide and after so much time learning about my work and seeing the places I cover, Marcone decided to go to Rio and start his professional life down here in the South East of the country, and nothing better than starting in Rio which I am sure this is the door entrance of a fascinating country called Brazil!!!
Now Marcone is no doubt the person I always can count with when my guests write to me requesting a TOUR GUIDE to make their trips something more than special, of course, when I am busy with other guests...It is hard to be one person, but I can see myself in the way that Marcone shows Rio with a solid enthusiasm, with all his heart and using the same endless person just like I always do in my tours! To show the best of Rio I think you need to use your blood, to use your heart...And Marcone makes these personal quality a very important tool in his work!!!
And he is a working guy...such a busy and well known english teacher and brilliant student of Nursery-Medicine in one of the best federal universities in Brazil. UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO.
And this special day, that happened in August 9th, 2009...Marcone was taking care of such a very nice couple from Chicago, Marija and Bruce, and I was taking care of ANOTHER Chicago's couple, Maggie and Bill, my fantastic friends and special guests with a lot of GREEK BLOOD...these special people who gave such a HOT FLAVOR in Illinois' culture, right????
Laughs, breathless landscapes, wildlife, fun and a new discovery in one of the sides of Rio that not even the locals have access...
This is what makes my work different...and with a little help of Marcone, makes it even more special!!!!
You can write directly to him, Marcone is another busy man like myself but we will always find time to clarify all your doubts about Rio and we are able to make your dreams come true in Carioca's land, his email is
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We take people to the wetlands, but we cannot include the boatmen payment, so bear in mind that we all have to give 15 reais (each person), which is about 7 american dollars, for the trip that takes about 40 minutes to one hour.
A good suggestion is stopping in a local bar called Cicero for some delicious local snacks (specially schrimps) in one of the islands.

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