Friday, July 3, 2009


Very recently I got back from a short trip to Caracas, in Venezuela to attend a meeting of potencial travel agencies. I was one of the tour guides invited so we could discuss about tourism in the country, specially regarding the Amazon which I have made so many tours in these nine years of work. I have always planned and organized tour in the Amazon starting in the State of Maranhão, up north of Brazil, some spots in the State of Pará, specially Marajó island and now most recently in our State of Roraima where Brazil borders with Venezuela. I have always searched for places away from the touristy places which even in the Amazon we can find!
That trip allows me to have even more attractions to offer this year or maybe in 2010.
But I could meet other guides and establish great contacts with people from the State of Bolivar and I could also learn about new places such Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar where visits to genuine indiginous tribes can be arranged, and of course I will get ways to take my guests to the famous ANGEL FALLS. Thanks for that I have the great support from Roraima Adventures in Brazil
This is my second visit to Venezuela, by the pictures I posted you will think that I am a CHAVISTA, but I am not!!!! :) I am just grateful for this people who welcomed me with great enthusiasm, I am greateful to learn more about real life in Caracas when I spent the whole day in a poor community playing with children and organizing a lot of theater plays and folk music performances, I could get some food, clothes and toys to give to the children and we had a blast there, it was in one of the poorest barrios in Caracas called Catia.
At least I could take one day to go to the beach and I drove two hours from Caracas, close to Maracay, in a fishing village called Choroni, it is a lush tropical jungle by the Caribbean Sea which in Venezuela is not that popular, but people should pay attention in so many incredible beaches there...I will have some surprises in the future to all my guests by taking them to the remote state of Falcon, lovely desert beaches there!
And finally I could go again to my favorite spot in Caracas, the Avila Mountain, over 3000 meters high where you can see the ocean in one side and the whole huge valley of Caracas!!!
It is still quite trouble some, the trafic is still a chaos (and people complain about Rio!!!) but the city still welcomes you with big smile and happiness...
Indeed it is one of the poorest big city in South America that I have ever been, but they have a wonderful country full of unknown surprises that I will slowly discovering just for you!!!
Muchas Gracias!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela

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