Friday, July 3, 2009


The pictures already tells us that her heart is full of happiness, images can tell how positive she is to experience new things; the bright of her eyes tell us a huge love for life and she knows how to enjoy it. Great experience on dealing with people made us be mad about her. This lady from Virginia conquered us brazilians with her goodness, grace and simplicity.
I knew I had a lot to show her and explain about our daily life, about my country and my city. She learnt BUT...this days in Rio was also a lesson of life provided by TWO GRAND TEACHERS CALLED JANET AND ROGER...
Janet completes Roger and Roger completes Janet, and they made my life even more special during their stay here and Rio became a brighter city since she got here
As a prize, and such a honor, I got her words about the result of our glorious days in Rio de Janeiro...
Janet wrote: "Words cannot describe what a glorious time we had in Rio with you. It was perfect in so many ways. The weather could not have been better and for sure, the scenery of the water, beaches and mountains...all so spectacular!! and you were the BEST companion we could ever have had. Your knowledge of your city and surroundings is mind boggling and your wonderful happy soul made every day a joy for us.
Thank you so much, Rafa, for making our trip so very special. We will never forget you and our time in Rio. Please remember us to Marconi. He, like you, is a very special guy and it was our pleasure to get to know you both. Now you must plan a trip to the U.S. and include Virginia. We would love to have you stay with us while you are here."
Needless to say that it makes my work as a tour guide way richer and it fills my life with honor!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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