Saturday, May 23, 2009


I had a fabulous time with my friends Marilia and Ryan...she is a sweet girl from São Paulo who lives in Australia since she was a little girl...Brazil lost one beauty and Australia won such a precious treasure, and that is Ryan's responsability to take care of so much richness!!!
Marilia has a lovely portuguese accent, she still speaks beautifully our language. Ryan is a great enthusiast about Brazil and he knew that Brazil is very present in his life!!!
They are incredible people, I had lots of happiness to spend two days with them in Rio and MARILIA WROTE A VERY NICE COMMENT ABOUT MY TOURS AND HER EXPERIENCE IN RIO WHICH YOU CAN READ BELOW:
I just wanted to say a massive heartfelt thank you to you for yourwonderful hospitality whilst Ryan and I were in Rio. Your patience for waiting for us at the airport after our flight stuff up and beingflexible enough to accommodate our requests whilst on the tour was absolutely fantastic. The whole time we were in Rio would not have been as wonderful without you being a part of it and for that I trulywill remember it.
Marilia and Ryan
Thank you so very much, folks!!! I WISH YOU LOADS OF HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE!!! Rafael Torres Lopes

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