Tuesday, April 21, 2009


रियो डी जेनेरो हमारी भूमि में ऐसी एक शानदार इंसान हैं करने के लिए खुश है!
Thanks to Saint Google, I may have written some nice words in hindi, but I can do it in English...
We are happy to have such a bright person visiting our city!
After such a long time exchange emails, she got here with all her family, my so great new friends Khrisna, Usha and Samir. And in our first day I was prepared to give such a big introduction of the city and we had just half of the day for that!!!
They came here last Sunday, April 19th. The city was free of traffic so we could reach the city center quite fast and they visited our very tratidional monastery Sao Bento, and we got to see the 10:00 am Mass which the Monks sing many different Gregorian Chants, they could spot our barroc art and our deepest tradition! Then we explored a little bit more of Downtown area visiting the Cultural Center of our State bank, BANCO DO BRASIL and we visited another very important and impressive church of Candelaria!
This was just the Cultural part of our tour...we left the contact with the Nature in the end of our tour!!!
We had just 4 hours and I wished to have 456789765434567564332 hours!!!! They were such good people and so pleasant to show the best of Rio for them, they I really needed more time for this family see everything!
Anyway...we come across with a huge line in the Sugar Loaf Cable Car Station, but they were brave and we decided to wait, and the sacrifice was well paid...We had such a lovely time and from the top of the Hill they could understand the geography of our city and I left a taste of asking for more!!!
And they are coming for more days and the adventure will continue!!!
At the bamboo forest of our Pão de Açucar we were talking about SPIDERS....
Yes, we do have many in Brazil, and I told her not to be afraid of the big ones, but do worry about the small ones!!! They are normally the most dangerous!
OUR FAUNA IS PLENTY AND WONDERFUL and I know the places where we will visit we will be even closer to the Nature!!!
For the moment many thanks for coming!!!! And believe me, Brazil will be your home after England and India!!!
OHHHHH WOW, I just forgot to say...INDIA LIVES IN THEIR HEART and by the fact they have all this indian heritage, makes me admire these family even more!!!
I am a big fan of India and one of my dreams is going there one day!!! INDIA IS IN MY TRAVEL LIST FOREVER!!!
And I am sure they will recommend me in both countries! :)
WELCOME TO RIO, SAPNA!!! And thank you for your confidence!

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