Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When you think about JUNGLE, your thoughts will take you to the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest, and you are right!!! But when you go to Rio, most of the times you are just planning to stay in Rio, and when you have some days free, then you should explore the State of Rio, and there are many other paradises around the city!!! PARADISES IN THE OCEAN and PARADISE IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!
The State of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful States of Brazil. We have many mountain ranges, among many other gorgeous places, one of the most famous are the Orgãos Mountain Range which helds very charming cities such as Petropolis, Magé, Guapimirim, Friburgo and Teresopolis!!!
I decided to get to know these places together with Marcone, we usually travel together just to find out more places near to Rio for you to visit, so we took this long Easter Holidays to see more of our mountains, and we come across to this very hidden PARADISE ON EARTH.
These wonderful falls is called FRADES, in portuguese we say, CACHOEIRA DOS FRADES. This green crazyness is located close to the road that links Teresopolis to another pleasant mountain city of Friburgo. Dramatic landscapes all around, very local oriented place away from the massive wave of tourists.
The area has incredible cottages, perfect for a romantic weekend for two and also perfect for those travellers with an adventurous spirit!!!
GOING TO TERESOPOLIS WILL INCREASE YOUR LIST OF SPECIAL AND UNIQUE PLACES WHERE VERY FEW VISITORS GO!!! The road is something else, you can see Rio from a very high point of view, and the group of mountains of Soberbo Point is SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!!!
And it is not distant from Rio, the road is very scenic and the place is also easy to spend just one day with a lunch in such a wonderful farm in swiss style!
The mountains of Rio were settled by germans and swiss people more than 200 years ago!!
We love travelling in our own land just to show to the World how beautiful our States are...I was born in the State of Rio de Janeiro and Marcone was born in the State of Maranhão, we work alot in these places to take people like you and make any trip to Brazil exclusive just for you!!!
For more information, feel free to write to my email
I will happily give you more details about one of the most beautiful mountain places in the country!

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