Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our work is so special that we always earn families all around the World, and just to continue reporting the great work together with Marcone, here I am again to introduce such fantastic people that we had the great joy to meet and find out how wonderful they are. This time we have to say that in ISRAEL WE HAVE SUCH A SPECIAL AND UNIQUE FAMILY!!!

I have had lots of pleasant experiences with Israeli people and I am really proud to provide the best of Rio for a people who always strived for Peace and Understanding. Once again, in many places in the World there is a big difference between PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT, and by having such great friends from Israel, I learnt that people just want Peace, people just want to live their lives with love and happiness.

THESE HAPPINESS WE SAW IN FOUR FACES…In the face of Hillel, Rita, Zipi and Simha.

At the first moment we met, we knew that a new family would come up in our lives!!!! Positive minds, lots of curiosity about a new place and open spirits!!! No doubt, we went straight to the hottest night spots of Rio.

We had dinner in the most amazing and interesting popular place in Rio de Janeiro which is mixture of POPULAR MARKET and a big big house of shows and performances. I usually say it is a STADIUM OF HAPPINESS!!!! Thousand of people together just to live a very old tradition, the northern style…lots of stuffs to sell, tons of food, tons of interesting stores that sells clothes, typical food and souvenirs, two large stages where the best of our regional music is performed with hundred of people dancing, a place where all kind of people get together and the unique opportunity to see only local faces. We will be the very very fewest people to speak English there!!! This place is called FEIRA DO NORDESTE. Only by just going there just make a night tour very worth going!!!!

And to end our night with gold we went to the best SAMBA HOUSE in Rio, this little temple of Samba is called CARIOCA DA GEMA. This is where the best local musicians go to provide simple joy to the people. And I am lucky to be a friend of many famous singers that really represents the best of our culture. Carioca da Gema is getting famous, you can read about it in every report about Rio, so each time our visitors are always going there, but the house keeps that same local and informal environment. It is a simple house where people go to listen to Samba, you can see the great samba singers as ANA COSTA, TEREZA CRISTINA, ANA LUISA and the big voice of our Brazilian PAVAROTTI, hahahaha, the big presence of Richá. So I brought my Israeli family to this warm house (warm I say because of the big welcome people give to you) where they can really understand how SAMBA is a sacred part of our society!!!

During the day, another challenge, and thanks to the big help of Marcone and Diana, two brilliant guides that I totally trust, we provide a week of joy in just two days!!! And they saw everything. They can really say that they know Rio.

Marcone brought them to the most famous attraction which the visit to the Christ was a fantastic day, and I met all of them there when I was guiding two very nice American guests; and Marcone also had the great chance to take them to the big surprise of every tour in Rio, they went to NITEROI (where I also met them).

Diana, just like every single dweller, took them to see a football match in our famous stadium of MARACANA..and I am sure they had a blast!!!

And to end our day…we made a ISRAELI MEETING in our house…we had a dinner which I cooked pasta and they made such a very tasty salad…we drank lots of Caipirinhas, and we had a surprising and delicious wine from ISRAEL…it was a night where the two countries were closely together, we learnt a lot about our own culture and we had a night with great laughs, great conversations and lots of fun!!!!

Actually, I think that our house is the INFORMAL HEAD OFFICE OF THE UNITED NATIONS!!!! But we do like to have incredible people that feed our life with love, knowledge and fun!!! And of course not only Rio de Janeiro with all the marvelous places that they still have to see, but our house is always opened for such a dearest family like HILLEL, RITA, ZIPI AND SIMHA!!!!

You all came to our lives to make it everything more special, thank you so very much for everything, for your total confidence in our services, for your so generous friendship and for such big smiles that we shared together!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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