Friday, September 5, 2008


There are people who come to Rio for the first time and they feel that they spent weeks here. People who really fall in love with the city. Not only with the beauties of such a lively town, but also for its people and its way of life! Tristan Rafael, I named him RAFA in Brazil is one of them. He came here for a quick and relaxing weekend in Rio after days of hard working in São Paulo, and thanks to the help of a tourism agent and also good friend of mine Mauricio, he found me!


Rafa (Tritan) got a tour guide and left Rio with one friend, well actually not one...many friends...Including my best friends Marcone and Jakob, we are 3 people in charge to welcome such an english celebraty who lives in New Yorker!!! :) And all friends that he can invite to enjoy the best of the city DAY AND NIGHT.

All I could do was turning a day into around 37 hours!!! Believe me, Rafa (Tristan) is very active...we cover two cities...RIO AND NITEROI. And at night we went to a party in the docks of Rio with more than a 1000 people and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED???? Rafa (Tristan) used his POWER OF NY PR and got all of us free entrance in one of the most famous disco in Rio de Janeiro!!!

In turn I did my best to make Rio de Janeiro is home outside NEW YORK and in many places he reminds his childhood in Rio experience the simple things of the city. We walked in Arpoador and stopped for a local and delicious HOT DOG and many times we stopped in local food vendors just to have a natural taste of what cariocas really do in their own city!

My friend Rafa (Tristan) had the real taste of Rio and in one day he could see the soul of Rio!!!

Our day was so complete that he spend the next day visiting Rio by himself!!!

I think Rio very soon will get a FREQUENT VISITOR!!!

And he is the one who will make the distance between Rio and New York shorter!!!


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