Thursday, September 25, 2008


JAKOB TOKSVIG - How would a perfect one-day tour with you look?

RAFAEL TORRES LOPES - A CLEAR DAY HELPS A LOT, and the weather is always great almost all year round..though once in a while cold fronts coming from Argentina can finish with our days...but you can enjoy Rio come rain or come shine!!!

But a perfect day for anyone who comes to Rio for the first time would be:

Starting as early as you can, but I usually start at 9:00 am

So a visit can go west to see our less famous beaches which beauty are equally or way better than the famous Copabana, Ipanema or Leblon. So we would visit places that you will never see in any travel books, we would go to a private condominium called JOA, they have a lovely and very wild private beach there with the same name, then we would go to the Forest from the west part of the city driving through Alto da Boa Vista, we would explore the whole forest visitin some unique jungle corners, then we can take the road to the Christ where each curve is a lovely surprise.

We can visit the Christ and after that heading to the first portuguese settlement of Rio, the pleasant district of Santa Tereza.

That day we can cover te whole bay area with a quick stop in our city centre to see the old town of Rio with its narrow street and barroc churches and also amazing cultural centres.

After that I would recommend a quick drive to see Niteroi and its fantastic surprises such as all the coast to the Modern Art Museum MAC and continue the way to the mountains of Niteroi, visiting the military fortress of Santa Cruz and a genuine fishermen village called Jurujuba.

This would be a great introduction of Rio that you would never have in your life!

JAKOB TOKSVIG - How do people react after finishing a tour with you?

RAFAEL TORRES LOPES – Something I know for sure, every guests I have more my number of good friends increases!!!! : - ))))) hahahahahhaa When I have my guests with me, I simply forget that I am only a tour guide, my friendly side speaks louder and I am just one more person in this complete tour through out the city of Rio. During my tours I give the best of me and I try to give ina very relaxing way some cool information of the city with a little history and some current facts of our own reality. I know that when I finish my tour my guest have a big idea about the city and they always feeel ready to explore the rest of Rio by themselves. For this reason I created a blog where I write about my guests, and there we can read about funny moments they spent here, they can have all kind of different information. It is indeed a way that I found to always keep my guests updated about my activities here!!!!

Any one can access my blog, the address is:

I also have another blog where you can understand more about my tours, the address is:

I really have to thank you again, Jakob for such a cool chance to talk more about me and also more about Rio, to tell people that RIO IS EASY, all you have to do is coming here and have the most of your time just to have fun!!!!

I must finish this interview sending a message to all my friends and future friends from Denmark...and of course all over people from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland that Brazil is a magnificent land, rich in culture, very diverse in nature, it is a country where people will welcome you with wide open arms.

I want all the people know that once come to Rio, you will have a guide, but much more than a guide you will have a reliable friend that will take you to the best places and to the unique places that only locals know!!!


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