Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Dear Cruise Travellers!!!

Thank you for trusting me all over these years, more than 10 years I am always here to wait for you with my arms wide opened and everytime you come to Rio it will not be different. I will be here as always because YOU MAKE MY WORK SPECIAL, you are the only one responsable for the quality I have in this great work. Actually nothing is WORK when you are in love with what you do, it is pure pleasure!

But as you all know, Rio is changing because of the Olympics and the harbor area will be simply magnificent but for the moment everything there is a real chaos, in any moment everything planned can be changed just like the MEETING POINT when you finally arrive in Rio, so get ready for the changes, get ready for crazy decisions about how we can reach our transportation and how we will handle with luggage.

If you come and everything will be different of what I am writing to you right will be not my (or my guides) fault.

BUT FOR THE MOMENT - THIS IS HOW WE WILL MEET...Pay attention in the photo, the main exit gate will have a sign written 5L, when you step out of the gate you will see a little garden with three small palm trees, you will look around and note a black modern building and in your left side you will see an old warehouse which now it is a parking place (I will never park there) and this building is called 173 CENTRAL PARKING.

And the person that you can see in the first picture, well, pay a LOT OF ATTENTION, hahahaha :) IT IS ME, RAFA, YOUR TOUR GUIDE IN RIO (and more other ports in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil)

The pier in Rio is not completely done, lots of new construction, repairs and new facilities are being constructed so this is the chaos you are going to see when you arrive in Rio. Myself and my guides, Marcone, Vanessa, Marcos, Sonia or Michael will always be in front of L5 gate, but leaving the Pier will be very difficult, get prepared for a lot of improvisation and we need you to be flexible!

Go to youtube and copy and paste this following link


The two small palm trees are in front of the gate 5L, we will be there waiting for you...just find the two palm trees and this is where we will be staying! Then we will find a way about how to get out of all the mess. We will love to meet you and we will start our adventure around Rio.

When Brazil is your home and Rio is part of your soul, everything is very easy to work, and my job here is being part of your travel dreams and exploring ambitious. I do not want to be a regular tour guide, I want to be the friend you are meeting in south american lands, I want to be a sort of distant relatives that you do not see for such a looong time, yes because most of the time I will meet you with a tight hug!

The photos you see here will be more or less the photos you will take when you tour with me...Do not expect me to be formal, I was born informal, I am natural and I am authentic exactly like the Rio you are going to visit with my always present hands.

I am a tour guide for 16 years now and in january I will turn 17 years giving the best of me when you step foot in Rio for the very first time of your life, and also those who comes to Rio for the second time, third time, people that come again to Rio and write to me in advance to be their guide again!

If you look through this photos you will see your future plans FOR LIFE!

Thank you very much and as I always end my letters, LOTS OF LOVE, 

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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