Monday, November 2, 2015


I think it is time for you to add Niteroi in your list when you citi Rio...stunning views, great people and the finest food ever. A fascinating place to discover, I am sure you will have amazing photos...places that you will see new perspectives of Rio and you will know that you deserve to stay more days to find out unique neighborhoods, great beaches and new adventures. 

My favorite place is not doubt the paragliding school in Parque da Cidade is a highlight in every tour. 

It is not far from Rio we can easily go to Niteroi crossing the bridge, Niteroi has the most beautiful beaches in the Bay Area. Guanabara Bay will give you amazing views and Niteroi has our MAC MUSEUM where you do not need to visit the museum itself (really nothing interesting there) but the surroundings and the landscapes are incredibly gorgeous. 

We take all our guests and friends to Niteroi because it is a wonderful way to see Rio with no tourists, local daily life is waiting for you. I personally spent 20 years in the city and I am honored to know Niteroi as the palm of my hand. Visiting the place fun is guaranteed, and coconut water will be our best friend during our hot summer! :)

Copacabana??? Is that really the beach you want to see in Rio??? Well...I have a different opinion...

I am always here to introduce you one of my passions in life: NITEROI

And Niteroi is just next door, all you can do is writing to me and you can visit Niteroi, you can spend the whole day in the city and you will love it.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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