Saturday, April 25, 2015


Every tour request I have I always add this place in our itinerary...a unique neighborhood of Rio located in the west of the city, a place where you can really understand the daily life of our people, one district which is not part of any tourism route or travel book. Only locals and RAFA knows...this is the wetlands of Marapendi where we take a small boat to explore in VERY CALM waters 7 islands. In five islands people live and 2 islands are preserved area. 

a cute rodent called Capivara

Of course in our day in Marapendi we may find some good friends of all types, it is a very nice way to see the fauna of Rio, but we cannot promise that you will find these friends because they hate to make appointments. But for sure these friends love living in Marapendi! :)

with the famous Tour Guide Marcone Lima

The chance to have fun in places that you will never imagine visiting, the gorgeous opportunity to eat in local places, the wetlands have amazing authentic restaurants with the best sea food, it is so close to the ocean and the Gastronomy is all based in great fish and lovely shrimps and squids. So if I mention Marapendi Wetlands in our itinerary just accept. It is a unique place in Rio de Janeiro.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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