Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Dear Reader, this is how I feel and this is how I am, sometimes a mix of vietnamese and time thoughtful in Santa Tereza, another time smiley just to be in Niteroi and always in love with life and with Rio. Rio is a source of energy; Rio is in many times the explanation of my own existance. Rio is home and office. Thanks Rio, you are part of my life!

Happy to take my guests to places that they would never imagine; glad to make my visitors feeling part of our daily life, experiencing the place not only sightseeing obvious places; it is wonderful when you are part of people's life. This is what I do here.

Places where Rio is slightly simple and magical, places that will remain in the best stories of your life, some spots where just a real friend would take you. Hours that will seem like second to pass because you are simply having fun.

If you are thinking about coming to Brazil, Rio is a fantastic start...and in Rio you will have someone to show you all the secrets, I am super in the mood to do it...I know you are looking for a tour guide, well, I am a tour guide, but you know, I prefer being your friend or distant cousin here. Rio opens the door and I open my arms....

And this is the result:

I thank Rio for all my inspiration in life, I thank Rio to give me so many wonderful moments. It is ground, it is my hood. I am also very grateful to all my guests and future visitors.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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