Tuesday, May 14, 2013


You have to know what Carioca is…Cariocas are the way natives from Rio are called, and we are proud to be Cariocas. Being Carioca sometimes is more important than being Brazilian…because that means, born in Rio, the doorway to the culture in Brazil, the capital of fun and the introduction of the endless beauties of Brazil. Rio has a glamour that other cities in Brazil do not have...

That explains that we are not FORMAL at all....

So being a carioca can be also explained as a STATE OF SPIRIT….so when you come, I will give you some of the Cariocas Soul, and your stay in Rio will be easier, going with the flow….DURING YOUR STAY IN RIO…you will see that being CARIOCA means ENJOYING LIFE THE MOST…being carioca is saying LONG LIFE TO OUTDOOR LIFE, being Carioca is going out late at night before having dinner after 9:00 am, and never think it is weird when you are eating dinner around one in the morning...

We simply meet you in the first day and our hearts are opened...and it is so true the sentiments we give to you, the look in the eye, the true smile and the attitude to treat you like equal no matter you are...this is having the CARIOCA spirit!

It takes some courage to publish this photos...but this is also a good explanation about  the Cariocas...for sure, these two fellows will be the tour guides you will meet in Rio, this is Marcone Lima and I, Rafa...So get prepared, some surprises will happen...

My Gosh....yes, it is me!!! :)))))

A carioca person always makes fun of life…facing life in a positive way this is what mostly people here do…I do my best to think positive all the time, I always believe that there is something inside of you that gives you energy to move on. When I see you for the first time, I might not shake your hand, I will do more, I will give you a big hug! :)

The joy of life, the pleasure to share with my visitors the beauty of my city. Rio is the inspiration for all happiness. I will never forget the day when I took my MALTESE friends to the wetlands of Marapendi, really not to miss place in my tours!

Having fun in Buzios with my wonderful friend from Maranhão, north of Brazil, Carla, she comes to Rio once in a while to see us, and I love taking her to very remote places, in this day, it was just me and my friends in the beach...This beach is called Caravelas, do not expect to find this same quietness in Copacabana, please!!! :)))))

With my Norwegian Friends in the island of Ilha Grande, some stops that makes the difference in a trip. Local habits will make you learn about life in general. Laughs and those simple moments will stay forever in our memories!

My work is my passion...when you do something that you love, you will have this pleasure of life, here in some point of the road, here with my friend Lawrence from Philippines but living in Canada we decided to stop for some pictures with the tropical fruits. So we learn about Brazilian Flora.

Street Arts is a big presence in my is wonderful to see how the population like to express themselves and it gives a different flavor in our day! :) Here I am in one of my favorite places in Rio, the bohemian district of Santa Tereza!

With my wonderful friends Hervanio and Shinthia from Maranhão...I always go to this unknown amazon part of Brazil to enjoy life with my northern people, so sweet and true people, part of my best friends are in Maranhão.

With my good american friend Jim, we had such a wonderful day in Rio, pictures taken by someone in our group, trying to register a big moment of fun, pure fun!!! :)

Just a normal day of work with Marcone in Niteroi, taking a group to the viewpoint of Parque da Cidade, in my hometown Niteroi.

Impossible not to be happy when you live in Rio de Janeiro, impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful country full of beauty, nature and great people; impossible not to carry my work with happiness when you welcome so many marvelous people!

There are different kind of Brazilians…The Cariocas from Rio always connected with beach culture and bon vivant style; the Candangos from Brasilia, known as musical people and public officers, hahahah; the Paulistas with fame to be workaholics and living their lives in a rush; the Nordestinos…popular with great food and incredible Carnaval and beach life as well; the Gauchos in the South full of traditions and cattle culture; the Pantaneiros, the explorers of our marsh land, the real Brazilian cowboys and the Paraenses and Amazonenses, our northern people rich with legends and local wisdom. Brazil is a fascinating World to explore. I am so happy that I can be a bridge between BRAZILIAN CULTURE and YOUR CULTURE.

So for everything you need in Rio and everything you need in Brazil, do count on me!

AFTER YOU CAME TO RIO…You will see that you made wonderful friends and your memories will always go to Rio when you think about one of the best moments in your life and I will be proud to be part of it.

Thank you very much,

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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