Sunday, March 11, 2012


Our last day was supreme...a farewell between good friends. We had lots of fun during our adventurous days in Iguazu Falls Area. And we had some free time in the morning to see more of the Falls Region...The little town Puerto Iguazu is quite nice and cute...very low rhythm of life, almost lazy...the kind of town that everyone knows each other...

It has a main avenue called Aguirre with full of nice crafts stores, bank...casinos and very green neighborhoods...Well, Puerto Iguazu is surrounded by impressive jungles and they have something that not even New York has...PUERTO IGUAZU HAS IGUAZU FALLS!!!! : ))))) It is simply one of the 7th Wonders of the World!

But the city has some interesting places like the 7 MOUTHS DISTRICTS or LAS SIETE BOCAS, it is a intersection with 7 corners and this place has the best bars in the Region...very cute and well designed bars where the whole youth get together every evening and one of the best bars are QUITA PENAS and La Tribu, they even have a nice disco called CUBA LIBRE where you can hang out and find out more about the native happiness!

So I decided to bring our group to see the 3 BORDERS, it is a point where you have the 3 flags (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay) where you have the whole view on the course of Iguazu River where you see clearly Foz do Iguazu, Brazil, in the other edge; Ciudad del Este, Paraguay in the left side and the side where we were which belongs to Puerto Iguazu.

Feel points in the World that we can visit where we see a more than one countries...It is something like Israel and United Kingdon...There is a certain point in the Red Sea where you can see Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arábia; and from the Isle of Man in UK, you can see the whole other islands...

So it was important for me to bring our friends to the famous HITO DE LAS FRONTERAS.

After that in our way to the interesting little market of FERIÑA, I stopped in my HOTEL where I always stay, La Cabaña, a very nice and homely bad&breakfast where the owners are good friends of mine, at La Cabaña I really feel at home! The place is very green and the pool is amazing and I was stay at ROOM 39!!! :)))))

Well, we ended our spectacular tour in a very simple and local way...we visited the local market where they always sell their delicious olives with so many fillings, we went to visit many tascas, and one of them...we stopped at Waldemar’s place, we had wine and delicious snacks, and we were even invited for their barbecue...ABSOLUTELY LOCAL EXPERIENCE and we made lots of friends.


Then airport...and I made my way back to the town and spent one more night in Puerto Iguazu...Nostalgic to think that my canadian family is gone and happy that I would go to Buenos Aires in the next day!!!


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