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Dear Reader, you know me quite everytime I travel...yes, you should know that everygood guide is also a good traveller, hahahah :) Yes, we travel too and myself specially, wow I love travelling and Puerto Iguazu is one of the most pleasant town that I know...

If you are a real traveller, you also have to agree that EATING WELL is part of the fun, right??? But when we think about visiting Iguazu Falls, we forget that (or simply have no idea) the little town of Puerto Iguazu has incredible restaurants, very high cuisine can be found there!!!

Well, first remember that you are in is the BEEFLAND of the World!!! Second, the region of Misiones is bathed by huuge rivers like Iguazu, Paraná and Uruguay, so fishing is also very strong, so you can find all kind of fish specially like Surubins, Dorados and those delicious sort of cat fish that we can eat...I am sorry folks, I am not so good on fish names, not even in portuguese, even harder in english or spanish, but I promisse you, I am learning!

So with so much diversity and cows...Misiones area, this is the province that Puerto Iguazu belongs is a whole universe of good food!!!

There are two areas in town where the best food can be is around Córdoba Avenue, another one in Republica Argentina Avenue and the last one around SIETE BOCAS Avenue which is actually known as AVENIDA BRASIL, this one I really felt at home!!! : ))))))

To visit the Falls and the area properly, you really have to spend at least 3 NIGHTS!!! I really think that you have to enjoy the great breakfasts in so many good hostels, cabanas, hotels and lodges which are plenty there, during the day if you are really hungry, try to find some empanadas or some snacks in the main bakery on Aguirre Avenue which is the main street in town, and concentrate all your FOOD DESIRE for Dinner...

This will be another fascinating way to understand more about the area and you will find a great treasure...THE FIRST DINNER, as you are in Argentina, I highly recommend you to go to EL QUINCHO DEL TIO QUERIDO...It is the most popular restaurant in the city, the owner, Marta is very dear and famous in town, the ambience is a SOUTH AMERICAN MEETING POINTS, lots of brazilians and argentineans meet there and it is so interesting to see the difference between the two people; the selection of food is fantastic, all the best cuts can be prepared there together with interesting entrances and appetizers...the collection of wine is absolutely great and the gaúcho music (live music!) is really cool...It is a journey through argentinean culture. The price is quite generous, it will not rape your pocket!!! :)

My second option shares my heart in is harder to decide because it is another wonderful wway for you to find out way more about the MISIONERA CULTURE (then you are not only in Argentina, but you are in one of the most interesting province in the country) and amazingly, Puerto Iguazu is giving to the country very creative chefs that combine modern cuisine with deeply traditional gastronomy....

So my heart beats for LAS CAÑ is a very “patriot” restaurant with incredible gaúcho influence, so you will have exactly the same barbecue they do in the countless farms in Argentina. The place is very rustic, family oriented and the owners are there for ages, you know the kind of business that has been taken care from generations to generations??? This is exactly what I am talking about. The beef are glorious and their pastas unique...Very local ambience, rarely anyone speaking english or even portuguese are found there, it is a town you feel they are stuck in time, so fascinating!

I love going there with friends, last time I had the fantastic opportunity to have dinner with Marcone and we had a glorious time there, the band played brazilian music just for us! :)))) WELCOME MARCONE!!! :) CHEERS AND HEALTH FOR YOU!!!

On the other hand, Puerto Iguazu offers modern attitudes and funny gastronomy ideas...more and more people come to Misiones in order to invest in new business. And the Goverment works very hard for not allowing the progress disturb the local quiet life that Puerto Iguazu always had. But amazingly you can find, so many great restaurants with daring gastronomy ideas...One of these restaurants belong to a good friend of mine, Juan Alberto. He simply decided to open a restaurant in one of the main streets of Puerto (this is how we refer to the city, us who love dearly Puerto Iguazu) called LA VACA ENAMORADA, hahahahahahahahah LOOOOOL hahahahahahaha :) That means, THE COW IN LOVE!!! :)

LA VACA ENAMORADA came to the scene with a different proposal...promote the concern on NATURE PRESERVATION, the place is well decorated with ecological motiff with traditional indigenous art! Right in the front door you find a huge and colorful cow to welcome you enormously. The place has a very nice green pátio where you can eat hering the birds. And the commender in chief is Juan Alberto...a lovely character...he uses his endless culture in building dishes according to the gaúcho culture because he is from the savannahs of Buenos Aires Province and the sweet home made tradtions of the italian MAMA, as he lived in Italy for years also running a restaurant in the outskirts of Rome.

So, LA VACA ENAMORADA is the newest surprise when you travel to Puerto Iguazu...Highly recommended by locals and by myself which I research deeply about local’s life! The food has a fusion style between traditional argentinean barbecue, very gaúcho, very countryside, inspired by indigenous culture specially when it comes to fish and mix with some italian way of great pasta with very fine herbs. I would say, Juan offers a very sophisitcated cuisine!

Last but not least...When you spend 3 nights, you cannot miss LA RUEDA...Super super filled with good taste from the interior decoration, the slightly dark ambience is unique, to the incredible cuisine...Fantastic beef, incredible river fish dishes like Surubin and immediately think that LA RUEDA is a place for two, a place where you go and find fantastic things about the person you are dining. It is a great place for dinner. The service is excellent.

In my humble opinion, LA RUEDA is a very romantic place...if you are visiting the Falls in a honey moon, this is the place for the first dinner where all the stuff you did during the day can be conversed or a place for a farewell dinner. With the canadian group we had a huge table where we ended simply the best tour in my life!!!


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