Monday, March 12, 2012


It really takes the whole day if you really want to explore the National park of Iguazu, the area is huge and get your legs prepared to walk!!! But think about is not like everyday you go there, so take your energy and go for it!!!

Dear Reader, as you can see in the Title...when I mean “water festival” I mean lots of water!!! In some part of the day you will be wet, very wet...even your you know, just accept it and later you will get try...but if you really do not want to be wet, I would say, JUST DO NOT GO, but if you wanna follow my personal advice...yeah...get a rain coat and do it!!! It will be one of the best moments of your entire life!!!! I have done it so many times and each time I go it is a fantastic moments...having those powerful walls right in front of your nose is something out of this Universe.

Special thanks to Karen from Imagine Travels that made it happen..without her experience and knowledge I would never be able to get the honor to guide her group...Which was so special, because each member are friends for years and I am so honored to be the newest friend of such a remarkable team! :)

There are at least more than five attractions to cover and I was convinced that my group had to see everything...they had great spirit of curiosity and knowledge and the scenery was more than inspiring. The best way to explore the Park is getting there as earliest possible. The Park opens at 8:00 am and the area is absolutely enormous.

So the first thing to do is taking a train (yes you take train there!) to the Devil’s the middle of the river where the water runs with endless strengh, suddenly a giant hole forms and all the course of the River falls into a whole...OH MY GOD...impossible to describe such a spectacular show of the nature! In the Station where you get the trail to go to the edge of that part of the Falls, you walk in a very interesting and well constructed steel trail on Iguazu River, you cross stunning green river islands, it is the chance to see so many different animals specially birds and fish swimming againts the stream, enormous cat fish.

Once you get there...WOW...absolutely breathtaking to see the force of the nature and the whole Falls...from Argentina’s side you see Brazil’s side and you really realize that the two countries are very fortunate to share one of the best NATURE show on Earth.

Well, a visit to the Devil’s Throat is so intense and full of details and besides you walk over 2 kilometers, that lunch time is coming. Maybe a pause for lunch in the two restaurants in the Park will be a great idea.

Before getting completely wet in the speed boat ride, you have to know that the Falls has two section to visit...the upper Falls and the lower Falls; go to the paths that lead you to see the upper falls before taking the boat. It is a very impressive walk to see each Fall and the great valley that shows you the magnificent island of San Martin and the brazilian side of the Falls, you will be close to many walls of water and it will be a wonderful chance for photo taking.

Then you go to GRAN AVENTURA, it is the company that organize the boat tour...well, I have to be clear that it is not part of my tour, for my guests this optional and for me this is compulsory!!! Hahahaha

La Gran Aventura starts close to the restaurants in the park...I prefer purchasing the tickets in front of Fortin get into a 4wheel drive into the jungle with interesting explanations about the Forest provided by the staff, then you have a little walk to the píer where you take the boat by the edges of Iguazu River. There will be a line, the staff is very organized and they need to be sure that every one has its security features. IMPORTANT: BEWARE OF THE THOUSAND OF BEES WHEN YOU ARE WAITING IN LIFE, one daring bee decided to explore my underwear and I got a serious bite in my leg, well, but this kind of things only happen with me.

YOU ARE IN THE BOAT...the thrilling feel a super cold sensation in your spine and there you go into the severe rapids of Iguazu River to the meeting of the giant Falls...When you see that wonder of Nature approaching you start thing about your life...Impossible to describe, all you have to do, experience it!!!

They will give you the right time for photos...and believe me, it will be for sure some of the best pictures of your life!!!

And of course, I have to tell you, you will get absolutely soaked!

The end of the ride will lead you to a small wooden píer in front of San Martin Island, there you can “try” to dry off; also to wear your shoes and try to get some dry clothes that you certanly kept in the leather purse they give to you!!!

Right there you are in the lower paths to see some incredible falls, one of the falls are the Two Sisters Falls...amazing part of the powerful, so natural and so jungly!

THE SECOND DAY YOU SPEND THE WHOLE DAY IN THE NATIONAL just enjoy your day and trust your guide...It should be me or any of my trusted guides there!!! :)

It was a marvelous day with my new Ontario’s Family, lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of incredible awesome moments. So I must thank to my folks to give me the unique experience to guide them!!!

I cannot describe my emotions and all the happiness I had to welcome such wonderful people and how grateful I am for this priceless opportunity to guide to one of the most beautiful places in the World!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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