Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I would say he is the person number two in one of the most famous place in Rio de Janeiro, behind the stage he is also the one who travels the World searching for tyles from places where people hardly hear about...He is a friend of Lapa, he is a wonderful companior and he is a very hard working man.

The stairs' name is Selaron but we should consider another name as well...CESAR GOMEZ...

He is Selaron's assistant and he is the one who welcomes everyone there!

I admire Cesar's effort to take care of the stairs and make sure that Selaron will always have new tyles, together with the help of many friends from all over the World that donates tyles from their homes. Something THAT YOU SHOULD DO WHEN YOU COME TO RIO DE JANEIRO.

The work continues, they will never stop but the stairs will be always perfect thanks to the great energy of Cesar and the endless imagination of Selaron!!!

My guests can really meet the people responsable to take good care of our biggest human master piece. A whole and long stairs decorated by millions of tyles piece and entire tyles from many different countries. You will never find in the World such a creation.

Politically and geographically speaking this "union" between Chile and Argentina is difficult to happen, but the magic vibe that you only find in Rio make these two great fellow work together for something that the whole city is proud of!!! Cesar was born in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, once he came here for holidays but fell in love with the city and did not go back home. And Selaron as everyone knows, is from Chile, near Valparaiso.

Two foreigners that addopted Brazil as their HOMES and gave to the city a priceless treasure!

Wondering in Lapa he saw Selaron's amazing work and with so many things in common, Cesar naturally started to help and now he is a very special assistant.

Cesar also has a guest house in the heart of our biggest bohemian district Lapa, you can contact him on his Facebook page -!/profile.php?id=713912236 and his email is

Well, I have the happiness to be their friends and you can be sure that the stairs is present in all my tours!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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