Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, that is their conception of an "urban beach", Thanks got is not that urban, Araçagi keeps its "wild profile"....It is still very interesting though Maranhão has way better attractions!!!

It is also one weekend destination for the people in São Luis...actually another city claims Araçagi as part of its territory, the pilgrimage town of São José do Ribamar!!!

One day there is quite interesting for you to see how local people have fun!!!

The beach is very long, clean though the water is brown because of so many rivers all around that ends in the Ocean...Maranhão has so many mangrove canals and estuaries, that is what makes the State simply fascinating!

One of my favourire spots in Araçagi is the restaurant MIRANTE DAS DUNES, they have a wooden deck on the top of the dune that provides such a breathtaking view of this corner...Araçagi is the far endings of São Luis, this is also the natural way of the beautiful and very wild RAPOSA.

The greenery is very lush and intense..the weather is hot but when you are close to the beach of if you are lucky just myself to have friends with great swimming pools, you will survive! It is amazing the number of coconut trees all around, for those who love COCONUT MILK (OR WATER), Araçagi is the best place to go.

I would say that Araçagi is one of the most beautiful and best beach in São Luis for you to get the real spirit of the city, but if you like adventures stay tuned until one of my next postings about JUSSATUBA, I promisse great images and information about it.
Just click in the picture above and it will enlarge, then you will see the beauty of this place!

Everything is enormous, everything is giant, everything is endless in Maranhão...countless miles of incredible beaches. Some populated some others with not a single soul.
I am already organizing tours in Maranhão, you can just write to me and plan in advance, we can have a blast here!!!
Araçagi is just one of the endless surprises of Maranhao...I am talking about one of my favourite States in Brazil.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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