Monday, April 12, 2010


Of course, no tour is a complete tour without visiting the most popular market of Rio, the famous Feira do Nordeste where you learn not only the local culture of Rio, you have a real lesson of Brazilian Culture with such a large variety of gastronomy, habits and art manifestation. One evening at Feira do Nordeste will be great in your trip to Rio.

You see this marvelous face??? No wonder many people in Rio talked to her in Portuguese, she has the beautiful brazilian way of life. Of course, she has Brazil in the heart!!!!

This trip was in February, about 2 months ago but it seems that just two days have passed. Lots of fun, lots of places to visit and lots of great stories that we all keep in our best memories and I can tell you that that was one of my best tours ever!!!
We had Maria and Tim for some days and WOW....laughs totally guaranteed!!!
And now I had the honor to get in my email such a great recommendation and special comment about their great adventure in Rio de Janeiro.

That night was incredible, we went to see the Samba Schools at Sambodromo, we got there using public transportation and we strived to get the tickets with affordable price, not the robbery of tourist prices that some receptive travel agencies always sell...SHAME!

But we got the tickets and we painted the night!!! Marcone, my great assistant and fantastic tour guide joined us and played an important role in our tickets quest. Our friend from Venezuela, Luis, also joined the crew and we had such a lovely salad party in the stage of our best Carnaval!!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Maria wrote - "Don Rafa and Marcone- two of the best guides ever! They become your friend as soon as you meet them- they took us to all the fabulous sites and some very special off the beaten path places. We had caldo de cana which was fabulous after a big day's hike, and as it was Carnaval he also helped us source our tickets!! Marcone and Rafa even accompanied us to and from the Sambadromo using public transport which was above and beyond everything we expected of them.

And now with all the devastation in Rio, Rafa is still helping with his unwavering Brazilian spirit, incorporating helping the flood victims in his tours, which shows his great character, and also the personalization and spontaneity of his tours.

I would definitely recommend them (or any of their other fabulous guides) for anyone who is visiting Rio. Their English is fantastic, and they can also speak Spanish as well as their native Portuguese. We met them as tour guides, but we left each other as friends."

No wonder I was extremely happy to welcome two incredible travellers, they are now part of my family gallery and I am sure they will be back to Rio over and over again. It is always very special to me to show Rio by the look of a local and all the time I have guests, I end up with lifetime friends. Thank you so much for your confidence and precious friendship, folks!

We had dinner at Estrela do Sul in Botafogo...we had to close our book in GRAND STYLE, then we had a typical brazilian barbecue. A real Churrasco in a typical and obviously local CHURRASCARIA, SteakHouse. There we were convinced that we have deep friendly roots in Australia, a country that I certainly love.
Marcone and I will always be here to provide you the real taste of a brazilian experience!
I also have to thank Marcone for his expertise, knowledge and great happiness to help me turning Rio their home away from home!!!
Reading words like you wrote, folks, just make me more and more convinced that we are in the right path.
Rafael Torres Lopes and Marcone Lima

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lula said...

Maravilhosa reportagem: Adorei tudo. Rafa and Marcone are wonderfull guides in Rio de Janeiro I admire Their a lot. Congratulations for the blogg.