Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Howdie Everybody!!! Most of my guests are in touch with me and my work is so sonderful that I could make incredible friends from all over the World, and they are writing so generous reviews about my tours recommending such a incredible journey around Rio and of course I always take my people to unique places in the city and also all over the country!

I am happy to share some guests' postings so you can have an idea about a wonderful trip that is just waiting for you!

"My girlfriend and I booked a tour with Rafa last November to end our 15 day Transatlantic cruise. We had the pleasure of meeting Rafa and Marcone the first day we landed in Rio. Let me tell you that after 5 minutes it felt like we were with family! Rafa and Marcone are beyond excellent! We liked them so much we are repeating our TA trip again in December. The sights they took us to were uncrowded and breath-taking. It was not your regular city tour! After contacting Rafa-he responded very quickly- we emailed back and forth for several months prior to our cruise. He had me more excited and thrilled to see his beautiful Rio then any travel brocheure. We both felt very safe with him- so any ladies on your own- this is your tour guide! We can't wait to see him and Marcone again!! I would be happy to answer any questions. Book Rafa and you'll have a unforgetable experience!"

"Rio is a wonderful place when you have a guide that takes you away from the ordinary! We spent two weeks in Rio before and after our cruise on the Insigina. Our guide Rafa was dilligent and took us to really great local places. We went to many local markets, special local's only beaches, and ate at the true Brazillian restaurants --- not in the guide books. He met us as we cruised down the coast taking us to coffee plantations, bird watching, secluded beaches, and rain forest places. He rented a boat for us in Ilha Grande and took us from Parati into the rainforest to see gorgeous birds. We have been to Rio twice before and never saw it so well or safely before Rafa. Cruise tours are always buses and lots of people... not personal. Rafa was far beyond wonderful. He knows his stuff and made our New Years 2009-10 special. He designed our tour for just us making Rio and all the coast cities that he met us at very special!! "

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