Sunday, April 11, 2010


Amazonia...there I go!!! We are planning to go to Maranhão in the middle of July, it is their summer and the rivers are flowing strong, lots of water everywhere and wild life is blooming. You know I am a tour guide but I am also a traveller who really work hard to make other's traveller lives easier when they decide to have Brazil as an adventurous destination. And here we can have a lot of fun in fantastic places!

The number of animals that we find in any trip to the jungle is absolutely enormous. Marcone and I travelled the State of Maranhao from South to North. In the middle of the State and also in the North we have lush tropical jungles with absolutely fascinating long rivers like Alegre and Preguiças; in the South we have the Savannahs and the arid area of Serrado where we come across with a waterfall region called Carolina.

And by the coast, not so far from São Luis, the capital you will find such a fantastic desert full of blue lagoons and this magic place is called LENÇOIS MARANHENSES!!!

Alegre River runs almost the whole territory of Maranhao State, if you see the Brazilian Map, you will notice that the State has a huge area, and exploring the region you come across with delicious corners where you can swim and get rid of the humid heat, and the chance to swim all surrounded by monkeys is really big.

The great surprise of all is that close to the jungle you will find federal roads and little villages that provide very good accomodation like Lodges and very cute POUSADAS.

At Pedra Grande Pousada we meet some welcome green friends, lots of parrots, like this one who is very curious when they see visitors. It is amazing the harmony between you and the wilderness. Close to Alegre River we find some nice villages like Morros where life is quite simple, it is a place where you really experience what Brazil looks like. Simplicity, beauty and lots of fun.

Exploring another impressive long river called Preguiças, we ported in some little islands...One of them, almost reaching the Ocean at Caburé Beach, we find a wonderful sand island called VASSOURAS, among the people the island is best known as "THE MONKEY ISLAND", And Marcone just shown to us the MEN EVOLUTION.

It was a wonderful meeting with our most directed ancestors!

We reached every island by boat, Preguiças River is like a very busy road...To go to school, to go grocery or even to commute in between villages, the boats are very important. After sailing for hours we can visit these little paradises on Earth. Amazon Vegetation with Ocean breeze, this is what Maranhão offers for you!!!!

Actually this angry face is just a trick, that fellow was very kind with me, maybe because I had lots of bananas because I know from our very ancient navigators, it is always good if you carry some gifts to the first encounter with the natives. And Banana was a very warm welcome!!!

No one can be prouder than Marcone when he visits his Homeland. Marcone was born in the State of Maranhão. He is from São Luis. He is the one who introduced me the incredible State of Maranhão and we are working together to promote Maranhão as one of the most interesting destination in Brazil. Believe me, none of these paradise places are written in travel books!!!
It is your chance now to see places where not even other brazilians visit...And do contact us, because we know the way!!!

At Vassouras island there is just one bar where you can eat orgastic sea food and very exotic fruit juices like Bacuri, Cupuaçu and Umbu, very refreshing and healphy fruit juices and because of the big population of Monkeys you can really have fun with odd signs like this one which says: DO NOT GIVE ALCOHOL TO THE MONKEYS, hahahahaha : ))))))

Even in the small villages when we have to take little vans to go from place to place, you will find exotic animals like the famous QUATIS that in Morros they are considered PETS. One of the fellows over there was trying to sell me one of the quati babies something which in Rio is forbidden; of course I said no because the right place for this animals and all other members of our fauna is in the Amazon. But that was an incredible and unique very local experience that you also can have it. We will be happy to assist you!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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