Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Daniel and Laura came to Rio a while ago and they are from a country that I deeply admire! They are part of my so dear italian guests. I hardly welcome people from Italy, so I think my italian friends will have to work hard to increase the number of italian visitors!

I wish I could speak italian so I would be able to provide even a better service to our guests from Michelangelo's land!!!

We did a lot here, we see all over Rio and we also had the chance to go to Niteroi, our second most important city which one day was the capital of our State.

Niteroi is a lovely surprise in every tour, when you cross the bridge you will visit places like Parque da Cidade, the fishing village of Jurujuba and the breathtaking beauty of their ocean beaches like Itacoatiara or Camboinhas!

Daniel and Laura are pretty sure that in Rio they have a friend and I am sure they will come back.

Grazie Mille for so much friendship and so much fun.


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