Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There's nothing much to talk about it when you want to describe "happinnes". It is a great state of spirit, but in this case, almost ONE MILLION people are sharing the same feeling, and this is what you can experience every single year.
Rio is a happy place all year round but in february it seems that all over the city is getting a "GENERAL URBAN ORGASM".....OOPS....there I go again with my colourful language...but you know...this blog here is my space to express my thoughts and if there is any person with fragile mind (most of time "evil") please do not take seriously this lovely post.
But this is the whole feeling that you come across everywhere you go...but during the parade you will have a HAPPINESS ARENA...Lots of colors, lots of great joy everywhere, our people really know how to make a party and the best of all, a party with no trace of violence or any kind of problem.
I have been to many places in this Planet, I have met many different people in my life, but nothing compares to the great happiness and all the human richness that you can experience during Carnaval in Rio!!!
I happy that every year I am there with my guests...this year as usual I had Marcone with me, my great friend and right arm and also one of the best guides that I know (and strongly recommend), my good friend from Venezuela who came here to visit us (NOTE: VENEZUELA NOW IS LIVING SUCH A BAD MOMENT WITH THIS LUNATIC RULER THAT I REFUSE TO WRITE HIS NAME, BUT JUST FOR YOU TO REMEMBER HIM, I WOULD CALL HIM: CASTRO'S PUPPY...BUT VENEZUELAN PEOPLE ARE EXTREMELY WONDERFUL AND ABSOLUTELY FRIENDLY), Luis, he comes every year for Carnaval; also my australian guests Maria and Tim who left Sydney for a wonderful trip around the World and I am honored to help them in this brazilian adventure; and during the Winners Parade Marcone and I joined my super dear friend (and big sister) Marta who also got there with her friends from Texas!
Well...there will be always space for you and you are more than welcome to join us!!!
You'd better look for us way in advance because Carnaval is one of the biggest shows in the World. Me and my guides will be always very pleased to give you any assistance!!!
Get in touch, my email for any detailed information is
Rafael Torres Lopes

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