Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It is high summer in Rio and everywhere we go it is better to find EVERY way to refresh yourself and this afternoon we decide to take our wonderful, super, incredible, gorgeous, fabulous, hilarious, brilliant friend Vanessa to see our Forest.
After seeing all the forest and learning all about the Nature in this forest located right in the middle of the city, it is our green shelter, a place that I will always keep in my tours. it is a place to see Nature, to see the birds, to see people walking to relax or just to have a good time with their dear ones.
In one part of the Forest we reach a place called Paineiras where we find some natural showers which is way better than my shower at home, so sometimes we just decide let's go out!!! AND WE HAVE MANY DIFFERENT OPTIONS RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!! :)
Marcone and I love to welcome our friends and guests, we work together and we are always thinking about taking our people to new places and let them experience the real flavor of our city!

Vanessa is our great friend from Montreal and she always come to Rio to learn more and more about our culture, this is the best resource for the music. She has some incredible contacts with the best musicians of our Samba. She had a concert at SANTO SCENARIUM, one of the most traditional MUSIC HOUSES in Lapa, nest of our bohemian life!!!

She is not Canadian anymore!!! Vanessa is our great CARIOCA SISTER.
What we are doing, you can do it as well! Come and see our natural showers and have the best summer ever!!!
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Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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