Thursday, December 31, 2009


Buzios...It is one more place in Brazil with international fame!!! :)
And after a marathon of various great tours, Marcone, his mother who is visiting us, the almighty Corina; and of course MYSELF; decided to take a DAY OFF, right after Xmas Evening.
Buzios is one of the most popular destination for many brazilians and also many travellers who visit Rio. Now it became also famous for Cruise Ships which come to Brazil every year.
Beaches, nice and fashion people, incredible inlets and some spectacular islands...Buzios has everything.
Marcone and I always organize tours in Buzios so it is a place that we know alot and we can share with you some tropical secrets!!!
I really think that Buzios has one of the best gastronomy centers in Brazil, the restaurants there are simply fantastic like Brigitta, Don Juan, Bananaland....It is also a great place for shopping, clothes and crafts for all tastes.
Everything is gorgeous in Buzios, it is indeed one of the most sophisticated beaches in Brazil!!!
Write to us and get informed about how to get there, we do have some friendly prices to go to Buzios for one day, two days or more and we can also recommend the best Pousadas!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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