Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For those who don't know me, well, my name is Rafael Torres Lopes, I am a tour guide in Rio de Janeiro for 9 years and now many people also convinced me that I am also a tour guide and a travel planner for all over Brazil, specially for Iguazu Falls, the Amazon, the Northern Coast and the states of Maranhão and Roraima...And just for the record, I was also convinced that I can be a tour guide out of Brazil, so I started to organize tours in Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.
I know what you are loooking for when you decide to go to South America, and I know exactly what you want to see when you choose Rio de Janeiro for the holidays of your dreams. I focus on places that no tourists can go, at least, the real researcher or someone who have contacts in Rio or elsewhere in Brazil, we also go to the places where I take my people. Of course I also do the classics but all this followed by a very special personal treatment. I see you as a person and also as a traveller.
Thanks to that, all over this year I have many incredible guests from mainly 5 countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Israel; and of course, I have met many people from every little corner of this World, and I give them the same: THE BEST TREATMENT EVER!!!!!
No matter how fat or thin your pocket is, I will always make Rio, Brazil and South America easy for you. away from the high prices and for places when we obviously know that we can get commisions. I want my land to be simple, fascinating and special for each of my people.
I work with a lot of passion and the big majority of my guests are now wonderful close friends, and this is a result of so many reviews about my work at;, the web foruns at American Airlines; and so many other spaces in our cyber planet that I can find no words to describe so many kind words coming from many different part of our fantastic planet.
People write to me requesting tours around Rio and sometimes in other parts of Brazil, and they do that way in advance, and some times I am not available for everyone, but I am so blessed to work with five guides: Marcone, Cedric, Diana, Manu and Inez that can provide you such a blast in any destination you choose in the city. And I also have good and unique contacts all over the country who can assist you either in Amazon or in Iguazu Falls and the most spectacular places in our coast!!!
So all you have to do is writing to me and I will always find something special for you to do.
AND ALSO...I AM OFTEN QUITE BUSY WITH MY TOURS and it is hard for me to answer so many emails that I have in my inbox, so please please please, be patient, I will answer you and you will always find something amazing to do with you choose my tours...
Sometimes it can take less than one hour for you to have a message from me, but it can also take three or five days for me to write, I will always try to write back as soon as possible because when you write, you are trusting your dreams to me and this is sacred!!!!
Things are getting better and better, in the future I will be taking brazilian travellers to the Middle East in order to experience the best our the World's Heritage and to experience many adventures in the wilderness of the far east...I will be writing about it quite soon!!!
I know I am writing too much and I have a tour to attend and many emails to reply, but what really matters to me is that you will have fun here and I will be your friend in Rio de Janeiro and your best contact in Brazil!!!

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