Saturday, June 13, 2009


Jurujuba, well, the name is weird and for sure you have never read anything about it before planning a trip to Rio. Now it is time for you to learn more about this special place. It is not a touristy place, it is just part of a wonderful city called Niteroi where you can really experience the real local taste of a simple fishing village. Though it is the most important fishing centre in the State.

In Jurujuba you can stop and watch the life goes by...seagulls flying everywhere, children playing in the sand with hand made soccer balls, boats coming and going packed with fish, many difference voices crying for lower prices and such an spectacular scenery, views of Rio, views of the green mountains.
A real playground for photography lovers like me!!!

And of course if you go there you will have the chance to have incredible shots, this is also a place where I take my guests and this is also a place where I love going!!!

Again, I strongly recommend to everyone: DO NOT IGNORE NITEROI IN ANY TRIP TO RIO DE JANEIRO.
I am sure that we will always find reasons to be convinced that RIO WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN YOUR HEART!!!
I am a passionate lover of Rio, don't be afraid to feel this way!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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