Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When you think about Rio which words or places come to your mind right now????
Copacabana is for sure one of the words you just thought, right???
Well, I live here and I am very happy to be part of the most cosmopolitan district of Rio!!!
Also, this is where you can stay when you think about travelling to Rio because no doubt this is where you can feel the vibe of the city and really experience the local spirit of Rio.
People from all kind...from the homeless to the TOP ONE CELEBRITY in the World...Many people had walked in the famous waterfront....from this simple guide who writes to you, Rafael, to Bill Clinton...
In the sands of our beach many amazing international concerts...ROLLING STONES made history here bringing the biggest audience ever, ONE MILLION PEOPLE.
For years and years, Copacabana is the spot where all the Globe's celebraties add in their travel list...Hollywood had here a place where all people used to come to the Brazilian Playground. Our hotel Copacabana Palace is for sure one of the most important places in the World.

Every December 31th...everyone go to the beach to celebrate the coming year...every million, two million, three million and even 4 million people all together, all dressed in white go to the water to lay flowers to the Goddess of the Sea Yemanjá, and many, including myself, go to the water and jump SEVEN WAVES asking luck, happiness and all good wishes for our lives!!!
EVERYTHING HAPPENS HERE and nothing better than being where the action starts!!!
Here I have my friends, I have my family and I have my own life. Personal and Professional life live together in my Copacabana.
All the facilities you can find there...great restaurants, good grocery stores, some long and good business streets. movies, discos, the ocean front many very nice QUIOSKS where you can have lovely meals and snacks, and of course, COCONUT WATER, COOL BEER (mostly SKOL beer, but the best here is BOHEMIA) and Caipirinhas), many meeting points where you can find clean toilets and you can also have a shower after a whole day enjoying the beach; Copacabana has many hotels, hostels and guests houses. At the same time the place is absolutely residential.
Talking about accomodation, I recommend you with passion a stay at my very very great friend Marta's place, she owns a guesthouse in a penthouse in the end of the Beach, you can learn more if you go to her page (, actually some of the pictures were taken there; or you can rent many residential flats which is also a cool way of staying in Rio!!!
Here in Copacabana you can live with style and enjoy the best of life!!!
Some of the best guides in Brazil live in Copacabana such as Marcone and I, hahahaha :)))) Seriously, at least you can think that in this district you can really count on us!
I was born in Rio and I am very proud to live in a place that explains not only the city, but it tells you a lot about the country!!!!
Copacabana is part of my soul and I love my place!!!
COME AND ENJOY COPACABANA!!!! We are all waiting for you!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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