Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes!!!! They are coming...and England always give me special people and wonderful friends!!! After one year of very intense conversations, negociations and ideas...I had an orgasm (actually multiple orgasms) with their presence here!!!!

This tour I had to share with my RIGHT ARM AND IMMEDIATE ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR Marcone Lima!
We made this tour together and made such a great experience for our English friends and guests Glen and Marion.
THIS COUPLE MADE HISTORY IN BRAZIL and we are already preparing the second brazilian adventure!
Glen and Marion had prepared this trip for one year and since then we were in touch...Finally they got here and the weather was so honored that the SUN WAS PRESENT ALL THE TIME!!!!
The unknown wetlands of Marapendi, the hidden treasures of Niteroi and the best parties of Copacabana and Ipanema, and some other incredible dinners in the best restaurants in the city!
They brought JOY to our Carnaval and we gave them HAPPINESS!!!! We welcomed TWO FRIENDS HERE and we took OUR BRITISH FAMILY TO THE AIRPORT!!!!
The pictures show such GLORIOUS PLACES and big smiles in our faces!!! We had fun and we are sure that Marion and Glen have Brazil in their mind!!!!
Thank you my INCREDIBLE FRIENDS to make my work even more special!!!! And wait until more stories in this blog, because we did a lot!!!! :))))))
Rafa and Marcone

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