Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Each tour he gets more and more experienced...Now he developed his own style and he helps our visitors to really feel the vibe of Rio de Janeiro. Marcone is one of the most different tour guides in Rio because just like I do, he wants to visitor to experience everything in the city and he is interested to make our visitors happy in the city and he provides incredible memories that we can carry all life long!!!
Marcone makes life in Rio easier.
This time he had great guests and travellers from Florida, Ann and Alex. They got to Rio for such a few time and Marcone's function was to make TWO WEEKS in just two days!!! And believe me, he made it. With his natural charisma and absolutely caring way to lead a tour in Rio, Marcone turns Rio into one of the most interesting destination in the World.
First day he introduced Rio that only CARIOCAS know how to enjoy...The Christ was a blast, the forest of Tijuca he made it into a CHILDREN GAME and he introduced some hidden jewels of our Coast Line.
Guiding with Marcone is simply a great event for those who really knows how to enjoy life!
On the top of my 9 years of intense career in the Tourism Business, I strongly recommend Marcone. He is part of my team and my immediate "spare" tour guide!!!
Once you are with Marcone, you will be with me...It is quite the same!!! This kid has future in this so fascinating and complicate art of guiding!!!
And you know exactly like I think...Much more than a guide, my guest has to feel that he/she has a friend in Brazil
To get to know more about Marcone or even to experience a one day tour (or more) with this lovely Rio's friend, you can contact him at

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