Sunday, January 4, 2009


Rio is a young boy of 507 years old!!! YES THE FIRST PORTUGUESE NAVIGATORS set foot here in 1501. But the city really started in 1565.
When the portuguese finally realized that Rio would be a real city, a place where they really had to start a new life, they constructed so many buildings and specially churches.
The delicious surprise of Rio is when you figure out that RIO IS NOT ONLY A BEACH is much more than that!!!! You can always take one day to find out the europpean side of Rio mixed with the intense african and indigenous influence!!!
Rio will show you how magnificent our Barroc Version is!!! Rio will take you back to a time where a portuguese king lived here and Rio will also tell you that it used to be a very wealthy Empire...
Once in our life we were also ruled by the Spanish, in a very discreet way when Portugal and Spain used to be just one kingdon...and at this time, in the 1700s...CANDELARIA appeared very majestic by the Harbor and today it is the main landmark of Presidente Vargas Avenue!!!
A church that would never feel down when you compare to any church in Europe...
The angels of the church are still playing like naughty children everywhere in the Temple. You will see very rare italian and portuguese afrescos; you will see impressive constructions with italian and iranean marbles, very old images from Portugal and Spain...
A WALKING TOUR in our Centro is one of the MUST DO things in Rio and I am always glad to show you the secrets of our daily life!!!!

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