Thursday, September 25, 2008


JAKOB TOKSVIG - In Scandinavia many people would be concerned about the cime in Rio. How do you look upon crime in your city?

RAFAEL TORRES LOPES – I hope our friends in Denmark would never expect to find the same peace and calm of Elbjerg in Rio...we will never reach this level!!! J hahahahaha :)

Something it is true, people really come to Rio with very bad expectations and they are really concerned about Crime, what makes me happy is that, anyone I welcome here goes back home with the impression that our situation is not so bad at all, and Rio is just like every enormous town in the World. Street Crime now is something very global, you just need to know how to avoid and you simply really need to know how to get best informed about the places you go everywhere you visit, you will have to act the same either in London or in Tijuca!!!!

Just like any place in the 3 Americas, Rio has many social problems but it does not stop Rio from being such a sofisticated destination with a lot of funny and fantastic things to do that will make you madly in love with the city...From the richest or poorest you will always have a nice time in Rio, you just need to be in the right places and follow the flow which I always talk about....


Always walk with the people, avoid empty places some blocks far from the ocean, never play the fool and make life easier for any person with bad intention, and never show that you are afraid....remember that if you come across with a dog and if the dogs even sense that you are scared, the dog will attack you!!! Act normal and have all the time positive mind!!! YOU ARE ON HOLIDAYS, YOU ARE IN ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WORLD, AND YOU HAVE THE BEACHES, THE MOUNTAINS, THE SO EXCITING SAMBA MUSIC AND SPECIALLY THINK THAT YOU WILL BE ALWAYS WELL ASSISTED IF YOU HAVE REAL FRIENDS AND IN MY CASE WITH A RELIABLE TOUR GUIDE!

Besides that, it is good to know that Rio’s population is reacting against crime and demanding the authorities more actions and more attitudes to improve security and nowadays the police presence are REALLY OBVIOUS in the city, specially at the bach area!!!

JAKOB TOKSVIG - Why does Brazil have favelas?

RAFAEL TORRES LOPES – Because sometimes the establishment is not fair for eveybody, lack of opportunities, authorities who just ignore real people problems, lack of education, lack of self esteem sometimes. Favelas are not only a brazilian problem, we have poor communities in many places in the world, in the north and in the south hemisphere!!!

Our favelas comes from the slavery is a social problem since our early years but we are reaching some improvements, such as giving structure to some poor communities, turning these favelas into real districts with minimum conditions of life, and there are many social programmes in the favelas to educate the children, to give people a new concern about health, about culture.

Thanks to the brazilian economy the situation is not as bad as it used to be like 40 years ago...We are getting lots of acchievements and we are slowly reducing poverty!!! Brazil is a great country and it has a great people!

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